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***Summer 2021 Update:

Georgia Tech Summer 2021 REU Program in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry




Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry will host its annual National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates program summer FAST REU program in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry. The Summer Program in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry supplements the normal FAST REU research experience and will contain series of introductory lectures and demonstrations in theoretical and computational chemistry at the undergraduate level as well as professional development activities and a cohort experience that will be executed remotely.

The program is open to chemistry and biochemistry undergraduate majors who are US citizens or Permanent Residents (from Colleges and Universities outside of Georgia Tech) and who will be in their junior or senior years during the next academic year.  Students are invited to apply for a ten-week research program (Monday, May 17- Friday, July 23, 2021). Program participants will receive a stipend of $5,000. Participants supported must be US citizens or permanent residents of the US.

REU students will carry out a research project under the direction of Professors J. C. Gumbart, Joshua Kretchmer, Jesse McDaniel, and David Sherrill. Projects are available in in the areas of dynamics, statistical mechanics, and electronic structure theory. Students will additionally have access to clusters with over 44,000 compute cores to perform their research.  (Further details on program specifics are below.)

2021 Remote Program

The Georgia Tech Chemistry 2021 REU program will be focused solely on Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, and all activities will be remote, due to COVID. The theory faculty have had several months of experience in teaching, training new students, and managing research projects in a remote-only format. A strong focus will be on ensuring that REU participants are fully integrated into the research groups even in this remote setting. This will be achieved through regular virtual meetings with group members and faculty, participation in virtual group meetings, and through virtual social events amongst all theory groups. The program runs from May 17 - July 24, and successful applicants will receive a stipend of $5000 for the 10 week program.

Research Projects

The primary goal of the Georgia Tech REU Program is for undergraduates to gain experience with chemical research by becoming active members of research groups for the summer. Each student will be assigned an independent research project to be carried out with the assistance of his or her faculty advisor and their research group. Research projects will be available in the areas of classical and quantum dynamics, statistical mechanics, and electronic structure theory with possible application regimes spanning from large-scale biomolecules, electrochemical energy storage, to complex materials. Additionally, interactions between the theoretical research groups will be encouraged and will provide a much broader educational experience. It is intended that each summer project will be published in one of the standard journals for theoretical and computational chemistry.

Lecture Series in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Throughout the summer, introductory lectures on theoretical and computational chemistry will be presented at the advanced undergraduate level to give students background information for their projects and to allow them to better understand how their research fits into the larger picture of theoretical chemistry.

Professional Development Seminars

In addition to full time research, students will participate in remote social activities with fellow students in other GT college of Sciences REU groups and a number of professional development seminars, such as topics on scientific writing and presentations, Ethics, and Diversity and Inclusion).  


Students interested in research in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry are encouraged to apply. Please use the application tab above to apply to the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry REU Program at Georgia Tech (Refer to the "Application" link at the top of the page).  Applications are Due March 1, 2021. Please have your rec letters emailed directly to Kenyetta.Johnson@chemistry.gatech.edu with the subject line: Georgia Tech REU program Rec Letter for STUDENT NAME

Summary in a Nutshell:

What: School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, REU program at Georgia Tech
Who: US Citizens or Permanent Residents form Colleges/University outside of Georgia Tech, who will be either a Junior or Senior during the next academinc year (2021-2022)
When: 10 weeks from May 17 through July 23
Stipend: $5000 
Boarding: Remote
Deadline: March 1st  @ 5 PM Eastern 
Contact: Questions? Please contact Dr. Kenyetta Johnson, 404-894-8227 or Kenyetta.Johnson@chemistry.gatech.edu 

* Funding for this REU site is provided by the National Science Foundation